Exhibitor Info

You’ll be refreshed! We provide free tea and coffee. Please remember to bring your own mug and help your self.

Corner or Straight? Something to consider is whether you may like to trade from a corner stand or straight frontage. Corner stands are often very popular, so book early.

One size doesn’t fit all! We like to cater for all your needs when it comes to stand size. Whether its 2 or 20 metres you need, remember to consider the size of your table, shelving or stand, where you will position yourself and how you will enter and exit your trading space. At all but 2 of our shows, we provide pvc screening between you and your neighbour, creating your very own space.


Sitting pretty! The most successful exhibitors are often those that make the extra effort to make their stand look pretty, use good signage and display equipment and lighting.

You’ll be informed! Before each show, we’ll send you the specific information for that show, including time, date, address etc.. but feel free to ask any questions.

Are you covered? Please remember to double check your public liability insurance. Its a legal requirement and adds peace of mind.


We’ve got the power! Have you got the PAT certificate? Included in your stand is 500 watts of electricity for your lighting and phone charger etc..



Things to remember! Mug, pat test certificate and insurance, table, chair, lighting, change/float, wellies, ground sheet, cover for your stand at night, cable ties, card machine…… to name a few….

Location Location Location. All our marquee’s are positioned in prime sites. As land charges on prime areas are graded, some command a higher exhibition frontage premium than others. It is advantageous to pay a moderate amount more to have the potential of more sales and a higher number of customers visiting our sites.

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